Aperture 3 - Key Concepts

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Key Concepts

Heads-up display (HUD):


A floating window that you can move to a convenient

position on the screen and use to change images.
Inspector HUD:


A HUD that provides library, metadata, and adjustment options. It

contains the same options and controls as the inspectors.
Brush HUD:


A HUD that provides options for adjusting how an adjustment brush

works. It provides options for changing the brush size, softness, and strength of the
stroke. You can also set the Brush HUD to feather or erase changes to an image.
Value slider:


A special type of slider control commonly used for changing settings,

either by clicking arrows that increase or decrease a value, dragging in the value field,
or entering the precise value you want in the value field.

Next, you’ll explore using Aperture to publish photos, video clips, and audio clips on
websites such as MobileMe, Flickr, and Facebook.

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