Aperture 3 - Key Concepts

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Key Concepts



A group of images that can be collapsed or expanded in the Browser. Aperture

can automatically create stacks based on the time interval in which a group of
images was shot, and you can manually create stacks by selecting and grouping
images yourself.
Compare image:


An image selected to be compared against other images in the Viewer.

To select a compare image, select an image and press Return. Press Option-U to turn
off the comparison feature.
Keywords HUD:


A floating window used to quickly apply keywords. The HUD provides

a library of preset keywords, and you can customize the keyword library with any
additional keywords you need. You can apply keywords to individual images and to
groups of images.


Data that describes information about an image and how it was captured

and formatted. Aperture can record and track many different types of metadata
commonly used by photographers to identify and track their images. You can view
and change metadata using the Metadata inspector.

Next, you’ll explore using the Faces feature to identify faces in your photos.

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